The very first Portsmouth PRIDE for 2015 was a great landmark which included a march and a festival of fabulous acts, performances and stalls attended by over 500 peeps.

I wanted to honour that iconic symbol of lesbian and gay struggle since STONEWALL - the LGB rainbow pride flag. Gilbert Baker wanted to design a rainbow flag in response to a need for a symbol that could be used year after year.It was first displayed at the GAY FREEDOM DAY PARADE in San Fancisco on 25 June, 1978. Baker and 30 volunteers handstitched and hand dyed 2 huge prototype flags for the parade.

What an amazing man and activist PETER TATCHELL is. I followed him onto the stage to do my set and was able to chat with him afterwards. We are now best pals lol.

This year PORTSMOUTH PRIDE- next year - the first ISLE OF WIGHT PRIDE- watch this space!!