I recently subscribed to an online critical art magazine called HYPERALLERGIC, based in New York. It took me some time to be able to say the name as it didn't seem to make sense to me lol. Anyway it is well worth reading. Most of the art I read about seems to be about individual artists working in isolation in order to develop their own ideas and practice. Where groups exist they tend to work in isolation to other art based groups or even in competition-personality led. I was fascinated by an article entitled PEOPLE'S CLIMATE ART GOES BEYOND GLOBAL WARMING- it's core premise and aims are ACTIVIST ART; but that doesn't mean that a group of activists are working to change some element of social injustice and then decide to bring in artists to help them produce banners etc for rallies. NO-the artists are involved from the very beginning as most of them are activists themselves. So instead of working in isolation to each other a NETWORK of activists and artists has developed, identify social issues to work around, have common struggles and common goals, and become allies fighting on multiple fronts. 'STRENGTH IN UNITY'-share ideas, strategies and resources and identify that key MOVEMENT MOMENT where there is a catalyst for all of the members of the network to come together and respond quickly. Sharing a building speeds up this process. NETWORKING COMES FIRST-THEN THE ARTWORK.