DO 1

I am not being rude or offensive when i wrote 'DO 1' as it relates to a project I did 2 years ago. I drove around Sheffield giving away an original painting a day to a complete stranger. Why? you may ask........ At first it wasn't easy as I was met with suspicion- either, who is this crazy woman? or what does she want to sell us? No-one gives away anything for free, do they?????? So, I had to come up with a tactic- when I was working with teenagers I always did them a deal so they didn't feel they were getting things for 'nowt'. In order to give my paintings away free I introduced a 'deal' and it worked. The agreement was I will give you an original painting of mine if you 1. write a sentence as to what you think of my idea of giving away original art to strangers. 2. why did you choose that particular painting? 3. let me take a photograph of you with your chosen painting. It also enabled me to introduce original art to people who may not have an interest in art, could not afford original art and did not frequent art galleries because they felt it wasn't a place for them. I was then able to produce a draft of a book with photos and enriching words entitled 'DO 1'