There isn't a day goes by when I am not thinking about either my art or poetry. Since officially finishing paid work in 2010 I knew what I wanted to do with 'ME TIME'- make art and write/perform. My friend NICOLE and I used to compete as to who had the most obsessions!! I am sure she made some of hers up lol. I have got into the habit of watching YOU TUBE VIDEOS of various artists and programmes on contemporary/modern art whilst making my own art.

I've also started a notebook listing artists/sculptors that are new to me and googling them and the key symbols to remember what they do. This week it has been- GLADYS NILSSON, ROSALYN DEXLER, ADAM MARNIE punching holes in plaster! ROBIN PECK, KEHINDE WILEY, PAUL CHAN, CHARLENE VON HEYL, CHRISTOPHER WOOL 'sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids', and ISAMU NOGUCHI.

It's made me reflect on all the different materials artists use- in awe of ANSELM KIEFER's use of materials. Besides paper and acrylic, my favourites have been lead strip, broken bus shelter glass, industrial glass, shards of brick, rusted metal, wood, slate, brush bristles, black tights, gold and silver leaf.

Beach finds of old rope, salt washed wood, seaweed, the discarded soles of leather shoes and beach pebbles for my boat sculptures. This week, and it is only Tuesday! I have made 9 'paintings' incorporating industrial glass and black nylon tights- at 58 years old I have a lot of time to make up and a lot of art to make and poetry to write. xdonna